Dr Trofimuk is a strong believer in giving back by sponsoring events and organizations that help enhance the community he works in, (Marda Loop and Garrison Woods), as well as groups that support children and the disadvantaged.

Annual/Past Sponsorships

    1. Cavalry FC
    2. Marda Gras/Marda Loop BRZ
    3. Indulge/South Calgary Community Association
    4. Garrison Woods Stampede Breakfast
    5. Jack Carter Heritage Golf Classic
    6. SAFoundation
    7. Inspire Africa

It’s one thing to sponsor an event, and it’s another to ‘walk the talk’, roll up your sleeves and help out. Dr. Trofimuk knows that things don’t just get done, someone has to actually be the ‘boots on the ground’ and help out.


Not only does Dr. Trofimuk volunteer his services, so does his entire team and family.  Kindness in Action is a very important organization to the whole Garrison Woods Dental Team.

  1. Kindness in Action

    Venezuela 2008, Peru 2011, Nicaragua 2014
  2. Canadian Ski Patrol
  3. Lake Louise Winterstart Men’s Downhill
  4. 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

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