composite fillings by calgary sw dentists in Marda Loop and Garrison Woods

A More Natural Look to Tooth Restoration

Composite fillings, also called plastic or white fillings, are a polymer material that hardens when activated with a certain light wavelength. These fillings are used to fill the portion of the tooth where decay was removed, repair a chipped tooth, or to fill tooth wear or erosion.  They are bonded to the tooth providing a more conservative approach then metal fillings, keeping more of the natural tooth structure intact.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Unlike metal filling material, composite fillings, when x-rayed, allow for easier assessment of the filling in the future. These fillings blend with your tooth colour and do not crack teeth over time. However, they are better suited for smaller restorations only as the material is softer and can wear down more quickly. They do not have the strength of other restorations, such as porcelain or gold.

Dr. Trofimuk and Dr. Jen will explain your options to you, so you may decide which restoration material is best for you.