Garrison Woods has an interesting history. This newly revitalized residential area, which is located between Crowchild Trail, 20th Street, 34th Avenue and 47th Avenue in South West Calgary, is the unique result of the redevelopment of Calgary’s former Canadian Forces Base. Completed in 2004, this community now boasts over 1,500 homes in a variety of sizes, from townhouses to new single-family homes and refurbished former military houses that were part of the CFB barracks.

As the name suggests, Garrison Woods’ redevelopment focused on its heritage as the former home of the Canadian Forces and its natural features, such as its mature trees, large parks, trails and extensively landscaped properties and more green spaces than the average Calgary area. This focus has created a unique and varied space for its residents and visitors to enjoy and is a true example of the principles of New Urbanism at work. The result offers residents a pedestrian-friendly environment, where one is only minutes away from parks, schools and public transit.

For those interested in the history of the Canadian Forces, the Military Museums offers a number of museums to explore including Naval, Army and Air Force archives. Garrison Woods celebrates its past as the home of Canada’s military, by keeping the street names founded by the Canadian Forces Base and also has memorials onsite that pay homage to the men and women who have served in Canada’s military.

With its variety of housing and landscape, Garrison Woods is an ideal area for families of all sizes and backgrounds to grow and prosper. While it is only a ten minute drive from Calgary’s downtown core, this community offers many advantages with its focus of localized amenities that are all within walking distance. For example, the Garrison Woods Safeway is only minutes away, along with professional services like Garrison Woods Dental, which offers family dental services to this area’s residents and many other families in Calgary.

Residents can also benefit from the nearby shops and restaurants found in Marda Loop, which has also seen a rebirth in recent decades as a local hub of businesses that create a unique atmosphere that many Calgarians (and visitors) love to explore for the taste of something different.

Garrison Woods is characterized by its diversity, with its mixed use and mixed scale of homes and businesses, plus the varied landscape provides an ever-changing streetscape that is reminiscent of an older, more established community with a variety of traditional architectural styles such as Tudor, Colonial and Victorian that really helps capture the heritage of Calgary’s long established communities.

This well-designed, vibrant, revitalized community has emerged as a diverse and abundant neighbourhood that boasts a perfect balance of contemporary facilities and natural charm with everything a family needs within a 5 minute walk.  As this community continues to grow with new businesses and residents, Garrison Woods Dental is proud to offer family dental services to the many families who call Garrison Woods home.

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