One trip to Marda Loop will quickly reveal why this special part of Calgary attracts visitors and growing number of families to live in its vicinity. This characteristic part of Calgary’s South West quadrant has a colourful heritage. The name “Marda Loop” comes from two landmarks from the past: the Marda Theatre and the trolley car loop that carried people to downtown Calgary and out to outlying areas.

The Marda Theatre

The Marda Theatre was built in 1953 and quickly became a major attraction and landmark in Calgary. The name of the theatre came from combining the first two names of the owners, Mark and Mada Jenkins. The trolley car that travelled from downtown to this area in SW Calgary travelled up to 33rd Avenue and 20thStreet before looping back to the downtown core. While the trolley cars are long gone and the theatre was demolished in 1990, the spirit of Marda Loop is both personable, like the founders of the theatre, and a recognised stop to many of today’s Calgarians who are looking for a unique shopping or dining experience.

The Revitalization of Marda Loop

Of course, Marda Loop has been affected by its surrounding areas, including the nearby population of military personnel and their families who lived in the area until the Canadian Forces Base closed in the early 1990’s. When the base closed, the well thought out revitalization and redevelopment that became Garrison Woods and the Currie Barracks was accompanied by a resurgence and revitalization of Marda Loop. These revitalized areas increased, and continue to increase, in population as single family homes were replaced in part by multi-family condominiums. However, Garrison Woods was also designed with respect to green space and parks, not to mention family-focused facilities. So a new balance was created with a growing, diverse population living only minutes away from the eclectic business district nearby.

Marda Gras and Other Events in SW Calgary

Like other areas of Calgary, Marda Loop has a number of very active and proud organizations who promote the character and vitality of their district. Three organizations spearhead such annual events as Marda Gras, a street festival held each August and a film festival. These artful events reflect the creative and unique spirit held by this tightly knit community. Each year, Garrison Woods Dental proudly sponsors both Marda Gras and the Marda Loop Community’s Association event called Indulge and also sponsor the Garrison Woods Stampede Breakfast. Read more about our community involvement on our Giving Back page.

Marda Loop – A Great Place to Live!

Over recent years, Marda Loop and its surrounding areas have attracted an increasing number of higher income residents, many of which who work in the downtown core and make the relatively short 10 minute trip back home. The character of the area easily creates the space to relax and engage in family activities. Residents will also benefit from professional services like our Marda Loop area family dentistry, Garrison Woods Dental.

Visit Garrison Woods Dental in Marda Loop

Our well established dental office is conveniently located in Garrison Gate, just off of 33rd Avenue near Marda Loop. So while Marda Loop has maintained its attraction as a shopping and dining hub with over 130 merchants serving visitors from across the city, it also supports the growing number of local residents with the convenience of nearby professional services that are necessary for a family to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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